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Swan Products SM22080CN

Swan SM22080CN Retro Digital Combi Microwave Review

The Swan SM22080CN Retro Digital Combi Microwave is a retro microwave that comes in a plethora of variants. Looking for a low-powered version? You can go with 20L-800W. If you need more power, there is a 25L-900W. Also available are digital, manual, and digital with grill options for both the wattage options. The price of most of these variants top at around $140. We have

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Nostalgia RM04AQ Retro

Nostalgia RM04AQ Retro Review

Nostalgia’s Retro lineup is all about good-looking compact microwaves that are a far cry from the traditional ones. These usually

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Nostalgia RMO4BK Review

Nostalgia has a range of retro microwaves to cater to people looking for old-school furniture. These are mostly compact, look

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Nostalgia RMO4RR Review

The Nostalgia RMO4RR is another one of the brand’s Retro line of microwaves. It costs a shade over $120 and

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