Nostalgia CLM07WH Retro Microwave Review

Nostalgia has a plethora of retro microwaves that are difficult to differentiate on their looks. The one in contention today is the Nostalgia CLM07WH. It houses several nifty features but is amongst the costliest retro microwaves that we have come across. It comes with some unique features, but are those enough for us to recommend the product? Read on to know the verdict.

This is our Nostalgia CLM07WH review.


  • Signature Nostalgia look
  • Eight pre-programmed cooking settings
  • Multi-sequence cooking


  • Underpowered for most cooking
  • It takes higher-than-expected time to heat food


  • Product Type: Countertop
  • Overall Dimension: 14 x 18 x 10.25 inches
  • Capacity: 0.7 cubic foot           
  • Primary Material: Metal
  • Weight: 23.55 lbs
  • Wattage: 700-Watt

Design and features

The company defines the Nostalgia CLM07WH as the perfect companion for your kitchen, basement bars, break rooms, and dorm rooms. Its dimensions at 14 x 18 x 10.25-inches make it compact enough to fit in any ambience with ease. The weight is also manageable at 23.55 pounds.

Talking of aesthetics, the Nostalgia CLM07WH follows a rectangular design instead of the circular everything that we have seen on most other devices. It is mostly metal with only the handle and the buttons made of plastic.

The device comes in only white and has silver accents for the handle and the buttons. Even the LED timer gets a rectangular housing around it with curved edges. The front of the housing has the brand name and RETROWAVE branding.LED

Talking of features, the right of the bar houses the LED timer and eight pre-programmed settings. There are four parallel buttons below for Power, Express Cooking, Auto Cooking, and the last one for Defrost/Clock. The retro microwave supports up to four multi-sequence cooking for unique recipes.

Below that, you will find a simple Turn-and-Push Program dial that lets you set the timer and the temperature. There are two more buttons below, one for Instant/Start and the other one for Pause/Cancel functionality.

Pulling the door handle, you will find a 10-inch rotating glass carousel and enough space for a medium dish. The Nostalgia CLM07WH also comes with a cord wrap for easily accommodating the wire behind the microwave. Overall, we have little to complain about aesthetics.


The Nostalgia CLM07WH is a 700-Watts, 0.7 cubic foot oven capacity, retro microwave that comes with a decent set of features. You have eight pre-programmed settings, and the device gets the job done. It supports express cooking and can quickly defrost food.features

The 10-inch rotating carousel is of a decent size and can accommodate decent food. There are only five power levels, and we have seen other brands shipping their retro microwaves with more, but it is like nit-picking.

The major gripe that we had is with cooking speed. Every time we put something in for heating, we felt that it is underpowered. It takes a lot of time to cook, and it made us go through the reviews on Amazon. 

If you have read our reviews for other Nostalgia products, you may already know that most of them suffer from QC issues and it turned out to be same. The brand seriously needs to look into the complaints and indulge in setting up a proper testing department before shipping out the products.

Wrap up

The Nostalgia CLM07WH looks elegant for the price it demands and is a decent machine. We have seen some microwaves with higher wattage in the same price bracket. If power is not an issue, you can consider buying the product.

But before you do, remember that the quality of the material used is not up to the mark and you may have to exercise the one-year warranty that the company provides on it. Here is the link to the Nostalgia CLM07WH’s official product page if you wish to know more.